Restore Adjustment Agency LLC’s licensed public adjuster & team of project managers are here to help. Have you suffered damages to your home or business? Have you been denied on your insurance claim? Need professional help with your insurance claim? Need to seek maximum compensation? Is your insurance carrier delaying communication, delaying payments? We can help you with your insurance claim! We have the team, knowledge, strategy and experience to get you maximum compensation for your loss/insurance claim. We are here to help restore your life back to normal! 

Fire can devistate your home fast.
Fire fighters protocol is to saturate an entire structure when fighting a fire, fire sometimes is not the biggest issue with a fire at your property.

Having the experience in handling water damages, our team will assure you that your home will be remediated, dried and rebuilt back to it’s former glory.

Hurricane season comes every year! Thunder storms come out of nowhere with no real warning. We assure our clients that your home will be restored after storm damages accords.  

Wind damage can destroy a property, damaging the exterior or your property and surronding trees. Trees & debri flying fast can destory your property. We can help with all of your wind damage restoration needs.

Depending where your home or business is in New Jersey it could be in a flood zone. If your home has been affected by a flood, external water source, broken water source or rain fall accumilation. We can help!   

After a fire come the smoke damage. Your home, business or property will have to be treated by licensed professionals. Smoke Damage will get everywhere but having the right team remediate your smoke damage will restore it to normal.

Lighting doesn’t strike twice? But if it does strike on your home or business! We can help restore your property back. 

Mold can be poisonous and toxic if ingested or inhaled. We will hire licensed Mold testing to confirm if there is mold in your property. Then remediation will take place to remove it safely and get things ready for the rebuild! 

Vandalism is an unfortunate part in today’s world. We will document the damages and help you restore your property back before the vandalism accorded. 

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