About Us

Patricio "Pat" Artigas

Licensed New Jersey Public Adjuster / Co Founder

Pat decided to pursue a Public Adjusting career, after what happened to him and his family with a house fire and dealing with the insurance company & rebuild for months. The calling is to help others restore their lives, Hence the company name. Restore Adjusting Agency LLC. As a licensed public adjuster in the state of New Jersey. Pat’s main goal is to represent our clients best interest and help them restore their lives back to normal. After going through a massive insurance claim himself with his family. Pat has been there! He understands the process, how to get results, he will fight for you! 

Patricio Artigas

Christopher Flood

Co Founder / Legal Console

Christopher Flood is the owner and founder of the Flood Law Offices LLC. Having years of experience running his law firm and specializing in real estate law in the state of New Jersey. Christopher Flood’s experience as a business owner, lawyer and negotiator helps Restore Adjustment Agency provide exceptional services to our clients during their insurance claims.


Mauricio Artigas

Co Founder / Project Manager

Due to a family insurance claim Mauricio had to learn how to properly handle insurance claims, his families future was on the line. “We learned along the journey to restoring my family’s home”. Mauricio’s experience with insurance claims has made him a true asset to Restore Adjustment Group LLC and it’s clients. As a seasoned entrepreneur for over 15 years (Owner of Digital Agency, Real Estate, Construction Management) make him a truely unique partner. His customer service, communication, negotiations and “doing the right thing, is always the right thing” approach is unmatched. He has networked, hired and assembled the right team behind him to assure that your life will be restored to normal.

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